Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicken or Egg

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In December I went to a Carol Marine workshop, like everyone I was mesmerized by her teaching and painting.  Like most of her students I tried to paint like Carol,but it is hard to change old ways, and I don't think she meant to.  I learned a lot, and how to organize my work habits.

I have used a viewfinder for years, but never been comfortable with it.  It looks different every time I look through it.  What works "best for me" is to do a number of thumb nail line sketches, no detail, no shading, till I get a workable composition. 

When I start the painting, I don't draw the image, I lay in the large color and or value masses referring to my thumb nail sketch and using the largest brushes I can,about a 3/4 inch on 6x6 panel, and I use them as long as I can only using smaller brushes in the final steps of the painting.

I learned a lot from Carol's workshop and I still am her ArtByte Tutorials are GREAT.
But in the end how you use what you learn is up to you.

This is what I painted the one day I got to paint last week, using my old approach.

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  1. Trust me your "old approach" is beyond reproach. I am a huge fan. Watching like a hawk ( in a good way).